How to choose the right wax for your car? + [VIDEO]

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Which car wax for a new car, which one for a 10-year old car, which one for black paint, white paint, etc. – these are just a few examples of questions that every lover of shiny cars asks when they start thinking about waxing their vehicle. We will try to explain how to choose the right wax and check whether the above questions are really valid.


First of all, before we decide on choosing the right wax, we should determine the condition of our car’s paint, whether it is suitable to put a layer of wax on it, and how much time we can devote to waxing it.

Why? Because you will use one type of wax when time is important and you want to wax the paint quickly. You will use another type of wax when you have a free afternoon and you know how to use a polisher.


Quick detailer – a quick gloss in a few minutes.



There are moments in the life of every driver when you simply do not have time for advanced treatment of your vehicle’s paint and you want a quick result. Whether it is a weekend jaunt in the countryside, a trip to a family celebration or a city outing with the guys, when a simple car wash is not enough, and there is no time for thorough waxing, liquid wax will come in handy, for example K2 Spectrum.

Nothing will look after your car’s paint and details better than K2 Spectrum, giving them shine in just a few moments. Thanks to it, the whole car can get brighter in just a few minutes.

When to use it? It is best to use it after every wash. Let’s say you are at a touchless car wash. You washed the car, but the paint shows white marks the water has left – in this case, a handy liquid wax will come in useful.

Quick detailer is also a great option for all lovers of rallies and car meets who spend a lot of time and effort preparing their cars. What happens next? They go on the road, often travelling many miles in the dirt and dust, and when they reach their destination, it turns out that the shine on the car has somehow „dimmed”. Quick detailer will restore it in a few moments.



This is especially so in the case of new or well-maintained paints, with no major defects.

With liquid wax, there is also no need to worry about hot paint, rubbers, plastics or glass, because a good product will not leave any marks on them. What’s more, it can be used to improve the look of rubber or plastic elements, it can also be used on the dashboard with good results.


Synthetic wax – long-term paint protection


If you want long-term protection and prefer products whose application does not require any effort, try synthetic wax. Thanks to its liquid consistency, its application is less demanding than that of traditional waxes. It can be applied manually or with a polisher.



The basic task of wax is durable paint protection against any factors that may damage it. K2 Quantum protection wax stays on the paint for up to six months. If the car is washed every two weeks on average, protection is provided for at least a dozen or so washes. Of course, at the same time it preserves the hydrophobic effect, that is repelling water and dirt.

Apply wax onto clean, degreased and dry paint with the sponge applicator provided. Only the surface prepared in this way allows the wax to bind bly to the paint and protect it permanently. Synthetic car wax can also be applied with a polisher at the lowest speed, that is 600-800 rpm.

The important thing to keep in mind – each wax needs time to create a b bond with the surface of the paint. Applying wax and going to a car wash on the same day is not the best idea.


Carnauba wax – spectacular shine and protection


We mentioned earlier high gloss thanks to quick detailer and permanent protection of synthetic wax. The combination of these two features is found in a high-quality hard wax with the admixture of the legendary carnauba – K2 Proton.

Carnauba is the hardest wax found in nature, in palm tree leaves, which after appropriate processing can be easily applied to the surface of the paint, and then – it returns to its original form, creating a hard and durable protective layer.

If you want to get the best effect that will not disappear after a dozen or so washes, as well as a spectacular shine, it is worth choosing this type of wax.

Carnauba wax perfectly deepens the color and provides a b hydrophobic effect, thanks to which your following visits to the car wash will not be so time-consuming.



With this type of wax, it is worth remembering to apply it to a maximum of 2 elements, using the applicator provided. First, apply a thin layer, then wait up to 5 minutes, or until no visible mark is left when touched with a finger. Finally, polish the paint with a microfiber cloth. Even when the wax dries on the paint, it can still be polished with no major problem.

This is a unique feature of K2 Proton wax. Even when it dries on the paint, it can be polished without much effort. This is excellent news for anyone who has ever dealt with dried wax on the paint.


Ceramic coating – 5 years of paint protection


For the most demanding car enthusiasts, for whom wax is not enough, there is one more option – K2 Gravon ceramic coating.

The advantage of ceramic coating is primarily its long-lasting paint protection – even five-years. A thin and fully transparent layer, which is formed on the paint after its application, completely isolates the paint from the outside environment. It protects the paint from scratches, stone hits, UV radiation, acid rain and everything that can cause its degradation.

If you have new or well-maintained paint and little time – choose liquid wax. For those with a free afternoon, for refreshing older paints with no shine – synthetic wax or hard carnauba wax. The latter is also an excellent option for colored paints, when you need to deepen and emphasize the color.

Remember that a clean and well-maintained car gives a lot of joy! No matter what the age of your car.