5 reasons for applying a ceramic coating

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Exceptional cars deserve a special treatment, including the best protection for the paint. Speaking of exceptional cars, this term certainly applies to the nearly 600hp S-class Mercedes in the AMG version. The very sound of its S63 engine is enough to confirm that we are dealing with an unusual car. We have protected the paint of this very car with K2 ceramic coating.



Is then ceramic protection of paint a product for selected people only? Absolutely not. Every car can be exceptional for its owner, and certainly deserves a permanent paint protection.

You know perfectly well that maintaining the paint in excellent condition is a considerable challenge. Ceramic protection of paint is worth considering. Why?




Ceramic coating is the most durable form of protection for paint and other surfaces currently known. The superiority of ceramic coating over other forms of paint protection lies in its hardness, smoothness and wear resistance.

After securing the paint, there appears on it a transparent and invisible layer, 2-3 microns thick, which completely isolates the paint from the adverse effect of any external factors, such as:

  • mechanical damage,
  • scratches,
  • acid rain,
  • UV radiation,
  • tree sap falling on the paint,
  • road salt.

With such a protection, you will reduce the risk of scratches and chips resulting in the need for more or less costly paint repairs.




Once we have made the decision that we want to protect the paint of our car, we have the following choice – either to try to apply the coating ourselves or to have it done by a specialist. If we decide to act on our own, we will need to properly prepare the paint.



The process of applying ceramic coating to the paint is not a complicated one, and it can be divided into 5 stages. Remember to apply the coating in a dry room or shaded area, at an ambient temperature of 10°C to 35°C.

Applying ceramic coating to the paint:


STAGE 1. Prior to the application of ceramic coating, it is important to carefully degrease the surface, eg. with K2 Klinet.


STAGE 2. Shake the bottle and apply 6-8 drops to a dry satin microfiber wrapped on the applicator. Remember to moisten the microfiber abundantly the first time.



STAGE 3. Note! Apply the coating crosswise and only once to surfaces no larger than 50×50 cm. Of course, the 50×50 cm is a conventional value.

It is important to apply the coating once to a small portion of the surface. This way, we will avoid problems with polishing, which could occur when applying the product to larger elements.


STAGE 4. The next step is to observe the coating. After about 2 minutes from the application (at about 20°C) its color should begin to change.

The most important task is not to miss the moment when the coating begins to sparkle with colors (as in the picture below – the coating should take on the colors of the rainbow), at this moment we can start to polish the surfaces with microfibers (higher temperature shortens the drying time, lower temperature lengthens it).


WARNING! Do not allow the coating to dry on the paint.


STAGE 5. After applying and polishing the first layer, wait for at least 1 hour and repeat steps 2 to 5 (for maximum durability, you should apply 3 layers).




After a full application (that is 3 layers) our eyes should behold an amazing effect. The car looks like it has been covered with glass, displaying a beautiful mirror image. Whether the car is new and straight from the showroom or an older one, it does not matter. The effect is astonishing.




What is hydrophobic coating and what are the benefits? The answer to this question is another proof that it is worth thinking about applying the ceramic coating. Hydrophobicity is the ability to repel water molecules and dirt from the protected surface..

As a result, less dirt will be deposited on the car body, which in turn will reduce the frequency of our visits to the car wash.

Regular maintenance of ceramic coating with K2 Gravon Reload will extend the protection of the coating to up to 5 years. Repeat the maintenance process every 3 or 6 months.




Ceramic coating perfectly protects not only painted surfaces. We can also use it to secure windows, gaskets, rims, plastics, chromed elements and headlights. This way we will have a comprehensive protection of our car.



So, is permanent protection of the paint worth considering? Definitely YES! Of course, if you enjoy it when your car looks good and attracts the gaze of other drivers.